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Do I Really Need a Lawyer for a Driving Under the Influence / DUI Charge?

Yes! Driving Under the Influence or Drunk Driving is a very serious crime. Many times, the officer and prosecutor are specially trained to prosecute Driving Under the Influence cases. One of the most serious crimes that traffic prosecutors handle is a DUI. Whether you hire our Georgia DUI Attorneys or another law firm, please consider hiring a lawyer.

Prosecutors are Not in the Business of Dismissing Cases:  Most prosecutors do not randomly look for reasons to dismiss or reduce a Driving Under the Influence / DUI case.  Usually, if it was important enough for the police officer to spend two (2) hours arresting someone for DUI, then the prosecutor is almost always going to go forward on the DUI charge.

What Can a DUI Defense Lawyer Really Do?  A trained and experienced DUI Lawyer can gather the evidence and look for good facts for the defense and identify possible errors made by the officer.  A good lawyer gathers the facts of the case and while reviewing the facts, constantly looks for possible errors made by the officer.  Many times officers make errors on the Standard Field Sobriety EvaluationsHGN, Walk and Turn and the One Leg Stand.  Our DUI Defense Attorneys can then use these good facts and potential errors to negotiate a lesser charge (in rarer cases an outright dismissal).  If a reduced charge is not obtained, then the good facts and officer errors can be used in a trial arguing for a Not Guilty verdict.

DUI Lawyer in Gainesville, Georgia, in Hall County answers the popular question Do I Really Need a Lawyer for a Driving Under the Influence / DUI Charge? If you have been arrested for DUI please call: 770-783-5296

Our Georgia DUI Attorney at A. Bishop Law understands how sobriety tests are supposed to be performed and can help to determine if your DUI Arrest was based on flawed field sobriety testing. Call our Hall County DUI Lawyer for any questions about DUI Law in the State of Georgia 770-783-5296.

Arrests are Not that Easy:  Our men and women of law enforcement have a very difficult job.  In order to arrest someone for Driving Under the Influence, the officer has to accurately follow his or her training.  It is not simply, Hey, you look drunk.  Get in the back of my patrol car.  Officers are trained to evaluate potential DUI cases through certain training and evaluations.  These evaluations are usually conducted on the side of the road, with cars speeding past, usually at night and with an unknown stranger that could mean to do harm to the officer.  It is not an easy task.  Sometimes the officer is not properly trained.  Sometimes the officer makes a mistake.  Sometimes the officer errs on the side of arrest, but may not have sufficient evidence for a later conviction.  If you represent yourself, then the odds are you will never know these things.

Nobody likes to lose:  If presented with arguments and errors that could potentially harm the prosecutor’s and cop’s case against the DUI Defendant, many times a lesser charger can be negotiated with a strong legal defense.  If the facts are extremely good, sometimes even a dismissal. 

If you have been arrested for DUI in Hall County, GA please call: 770-783-5296.  Attorney Anne Bishop welcomes any questions about Criminal Defense and Georgia DUI laws.  

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