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DUI in Jackson County

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A DUI in Jackson County, Georgia is a serious criminal defense matter. Do not go it alone. Hire a Northeast Georgia Lawyer.

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If you are arrested for DUI by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department or the Georgia State Patrol in Jackson County, Georgia, your case will almost certainly be prosecuted in Jackson County State Court by the Jackson County Solicitor-General. The Jackson County State Court is located at 5000 Jackson Pkwy in Jefferson, Georgia.

Jackson County law enforcement, prosecutors and judges take Driving Under the Influence very seriously. In Jackson County, Georgia, Driving Under the Influence is not just a traffic ticket, it is a serious crime with serious consequences.

A DUI conviction can result in jail time, license suspension, heavy fines, probation, required alcohol treatment and extensive community service hours. Even on a First DUI Conviction! The long term consequences of a drunk driving conviction are very serious due to having a criminal record with a DUI, increases in car insurance rates, potential loss of employment, and limits on future job opportunities.

So What Do You Do?

Do Your Research on Georgia DUI Law in General: Educate yourself with some of the basic terms and procedures of DUI Law. Knowing basics about DUI Law will allow you to test some of the claims by DUI Lawyers and ask pointed questions. You may want to start here: An Overview of Georgia DUI Procedures and then explore here: Georgia DUI Article and Video Library. Use the internet to your advantage, and learn as much as you can about the charges against you.

Hire a Lawyer or Get a Court Appointed Lawyer: Under no circumstances should a person faced with a DUI go it alone. It is too complicated of an area of law for those without knowledge. However, it is extremely important for a defendant to have some basic knowledge of DUI Law in order to communicate effectively with potential lawyers.

Do Your Research on Georgia DUI Lawyers in General: See how Georgia DUI Lawyers market themselves. Truth in advertising is very important. It gives you a preview of the type of person that they may or may not be. If a lawyer claims to be a “North Georgia Lawyer” and their office is in downtown Atlanta, how honest will they be with you on your case? Review the websites of multiple lawyers. Are they trying to be honest with you or are they trying to scare money out of you?

Check the Content of the DUI Lawyer’s Website: Does the DUI lawyer’s website give you helpful information or do they simply use the same content to claim that are a DUI Lawyer in all One Hundred Fifty-Nine Counties in Georgia.

Who Will Actually be Your Lawyer? If you meet with a “Jackson County DUI Lawyer” in an Atlanta addressed office, you need to ask “Who is going to be my lawyer?” Many times, the marketing is done with just one face that promises super-amazing results, but once you get in the door, you suddenly never see that person again. Ask the basic question of “Who is going to be my lawyer?”

Location of the Lawyer: Where is the lawyer’s office in relation to your case. We rarely take a case in Fulton, Henry or Dekalb County. Why? Because we are not overly familiar with those jurisdictions. We will go down to those counties if a client really wanted us there, but we rarely travel there.  We primarily handle cases in Hall County, including Flowery Branch and Oakwood, and the counties that touch Hall County: Jackson County, Forsyth County, White County Lumpkin County, etc.

Lawyers are Like Shoes: Some look great, but just do not feel right. Use the internet to try on a few lawyers for size. Narrow down the choices and either talk to them on the phone or in person.  (It is usually free.) Then trust your instincts.

DUI Lawyer Training is Crucial for DUI Defense: In order to properly spot and contest officer errors in a DUI Case, the lawyer must know what to look for in the officer’s evidence and implementation of his or her training.

A black and white photo of the sky.

The new Jackson County Courthouse is located just a short distance from the Historic Downtown Jefferson area. In this picture, in the upper left corner, is the old Courthouse. The new Jackson County Courthouse is located at 5000 Jackson Pkwy, Jefferson, GA 30549.


We understand that an arrest for Driving Under the Influence can be overwhelming and a scary experience. Being informed every step of the way is an important part of minimizing the stress of the process, and hopefully putting you at ease, while we work to provide you with the best possible outcome for your case. A serious charge requires a serious DUI Defense Attorney.

Please email us or call us at 770-783-5296 if you have been arrested for DUI.  Your initial consultation is free & confidential.

Areas We Serve: In our experience, local knowledge is crucial to DUI Defense, so we are up front about the areas where we handle cases. To be effective, a DUI Lawyer must be familiar with the court,the judges, and the prosecutors of your DUI case. We believe we can best serve a client with a DUI in Hall County, Flowery Branch, Oakwood, Jackson County, and Helen. We have been there before and know what we are doing.

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