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The lawyer at A. Bishop Law is trained to handle criminal defense for those in Gainesville, Georgia and the surrounding areas (Flowery Branch, Oakwood, Buford, etc.)

Hall County Criminal Defense Attorney, Anne Bishop, is dedicated to providing every client with the highest possible level of personal service and criminal defense possible. It is important to select an attorney that can aggressively investigate your case and protect your rights from start to finish.

Whether you are charged with a felony, misdemeanor, a drug charge, D.U.I., or any violation of the law, retaining a Georgia criminal defense lawyer for the duration of your case is a wise decision.

A. Bishop Law is different from most firms you might come in contact with.  At our practice, from your initial free consultation all the way to the completion of your case, you will meet with the Georgia criminal defense attorney who will be handling your case.  Whereas some larger law firms have layers of paralegals and assistants you must go through before speaking directly to your attorney, we provide direct access to a Georgia criminal defense lawyer for the timeliest resolution possible.

DUI: Driving Under the Influence: Georgia has tough laws regarding DUI and it is important to have a Georgia DUI lawyer that can challenge the vehicle stop, the police-citizen encounter and the blood alcohol results.

Marijuana Possession: Georgia Marijuana Laws still make marijuana possession a crime. Even a misdemeanor can suspend a license and result in a criminal history. It is important for an attorney to review the facts and either seek alternative sentencing or fight the charges in court.

Traffic Tickets/ Speeding Tickets: We have all received a traffic ticket. The ticket not only costs a lot of money on the front end with the fines and surcharges, but the consequences on insurance and points can also make these matters even more expensive. We understand that paying a ticket is costly enough, so we try to have our rates make sense for the amount involved. Sometimes a lawyer can get the fines and/ or the charges lowered just by letting the prosecutor know that the ticket may become contested in a trial or hearing.

Boating Under the Influence (BUI)/ Operating a Vessel While Under the Influence:  BUI is very similar to automobile DUI, but there are some significant differences; including: BAC levels, search and seizure issues, Field Sobriety Evaluations, and more.  It is important to remember that that BUI is a criminal offense and could result in jail time, fines, probation and suspension of boating privileges.

Domestic Violence/ Family Violence Act: Domestic violence is a very serious charge. Many police and prosecutors, regardless of the true facts, have a zero tolerance policy if law enforcement responds to the marital home. No one thinks family violence is acceptable, but everyone believes that false and trumped up charges should be fought.

Youthful Offenders/ Juvenile Offenses: It seems like everything is a crime today. Things that used to be regarded as pranks and fun are now treated as felonies and misdemeanors.  It is important to have someone on the minor’s side to explain that the transgression is not a crime wave, and the child is a good person that will become a productive adult in society.

Felonies and Misdemeanors: We handle a wide range of felonies and misdemeanors. We believe that regardless of the charge, the client is putting their future in our hands. It is an important responsibility that
we are honored to shoulder.

Minor in Possession of Alcohol/ Under 21 Possession of Alcohol: Our law firm can help to potentially reach a favorable outcome on alcohol possession cases for those under 21. This common infraction, if not handled right can have serious and lasting consequences.

Our Constitution guarantees each and every citizen accused of a crime the right to a lawyer and the presumption of innocence unless proven guilty in a court of law.  With the Georgia criminal defense lawyer at A. Bishop Law, you can be rest assured that your case is in the right hands.

For more information on A. Bishop Law Georgia criminal defense services, please contact our office today.

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