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One Leg Stand: DUI Field Sobriety Test (3/3) Hall County Georgia Lawyer Explains

A person 's feet are shown on the street.

Arrested for a DUI? Gainesville, GA DUI Lawyer Gives Demonstration of One Leg Stand Field Sobriety Test

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Georgia DUI lawyer, Anne Bishop, discusses the third Field Sobriety Test in a series of roadside tests called the One Leg Stand.  This test has two phases: the instructional phase and the balance and counting phase.  In order to ensure the integrity of the One Leg Stand test, the officer must properly give the instructions and properly monitor the driver during the test.  If the officer does not follow the training protocols, then the test is compromised and could be helpful to the defense of the case. (Related videos: HGN 1/3, Walk and Turn 2/3.)

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A person 's feet are shown on the street.

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