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Do I need a lawyer for a First DUI in Georgia?

DUI Attorney in Northeast Georgia

There are many advantages to hiring a DUI lawyer, the first one being that you immediately have someone fighting for you and only you. There are many levels to a DUI case, from ALS hearings to negotiating with the prosecution. DUI Attorney, Anne Bishop, explains why you may need to hire a lawyer for your case.

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There are many factors to consider when thinking about hiring a DUI attorney.  The  long term consequences of a drunk driving conviction are massive long-term increases in car insurance, potential loss of employment, and a serious criminal record.  Additionally, a DUI conviction can result in the immediate punishments of jail time, heavy fines, probation and required alcohol treatment.

Anthill:  When you are arrested and charged with DUI you may not know if the arrest contains legal errors or is legally sound.  This is similar to the anthill analogy: when you knock over an anthill you do not know if there will be thousands of ants ready to bite you or just a mound of dust.  An attorney can help you determine if your case is full of ants or simply dust.

Attorney Advantages:  An attorney will ensure law enforcement officers followed the proper protocol for analyzing the blood sample if one was taken.  In some cases, you may not even know whether the blood sample was sent to the lab, if it was lost or what the results are.   An attorney will work hard to ensure the results from the blood sample are received as soon as possible.  If you hire an attorney, even for a first time DUI, your attorney will look at the case and help you understand what you may or may not be facing.

Negotiations:  Attorneys are often given the courtesy of negotiating with a prosecutor before a case goes to court.  It is very important to have a lawyer discuss the case with the prosecutor.   Generally speaking, it is very likely someone who is not represented by an attorney will not have access or the opportunity to speak to the prosecutor.  Most lawyers can go in and speak to the prosecutor before the case and this is very important so that you can learn what the pitfalls may or may not be for either side.  Speaking with the prosecutor, before the case goes to court, provides an indication of what the result is likely to be at trial.  This helps the client make an informed decision about whether to accept a plea deal or take their case to trial.

DUI Attorney in Northeast Georgia

Hiring an experienced DUI lawyer can be very helpful, rather than attempting to navigate your way through the court system, with such issues as plea bargain details and complex administration procedures.

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