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Length of a Traffic Stop in Georgia

Attorney John Breakfield discusses traffic stops and length of time it takes for an officer to write a ticket.

Generally, most people would agree that a traffic stop seems to take a long time. There is a lot that factors into writing a traffic ticket. Traffic ticket defense attorney, Anne Bishop, talks about the steps an officer must take in order to write that ticket.


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Many people wonder why it seems to take a long time for an officer to write a ticket.

Officer Safety:  When a law enforcement officer conducts a traffic stop for a moving violation, a broken tail light or speeding violation for example, he or she does not know who they are pulling over.  They have no idea who is in the vehicle and who the passengers might be.  The officer does not know whether the people in the vehicle are law abiding citizens or if someone in the vehicle is wanted for murder.  There are many scenario’s officers must be cautious of.

In order to make sure the officer is not about to confront someone who is wanted for a violent crime, or other offense, the officer will run a check on the tag of the vehicle.  Obviously, the one of the first things the officer is checking for is whether or not the vehicle has been reported stolen.

Communication:  When the officer is running a check of the license tag, they are also making sure that the suspect who has been pulled over does not have any outstanding warrants.  The officer will contact dispatch to verify and also contact them in case the suspect flees or there is an altercation.  This can all take time depending on how busy dispatch is at the time.

Contact:  Once the officer makes contact with the suspect in the pulled over vehicle, he or she will check the driver’s license to make sure the operator of the vehicle is not only licensed to drive, but also who they say they are.  In addition, the officer is also checking to make sure the person does not have any outstanding warrants and does not pose a threat to the officer.

Citation:  Accurately writing a traffic citation can take several minutes.  Officers take the time to ensure the information is accurate because they may have to appear in court at a later date.

Remember:  The overall concern of law enforcement during a traffic stop is safety.  To avoid other cars, law enforcement officers may approach the vehicle from the passenger side.  Additionally, law enforcement officers will conduct background checks to make sure the driver of the vehicle is not wanted for the commission of a dangerous crime.

Attorney John Breakfield discusses traffic stops and length of time it takes for an officer to write a ticket.

Officer safety and communication are important factors when determining how long a traffic stop will last.

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