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Bench Warrant for Failure to Appear in Georgia

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A bench warrant can be issued for any person who does not appear for their scheduled court date, even for traffic violations.


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 What it is:  The Official Code of Georgia Section 17-7-90 defines a bench warrant as a warrant issued by a judge for the arrest of a person accused of a crime by a grand jury or for the arrest of a person charged with a crime who has failed to appear in court.  Notice that a bench warrant has been issued may be given in person, at court or by mail.

How it Works:  An example of when and where an individual may be arrested due to a bench warrant is a traffic stop.  A person stopped for a minor traffic violation could be arrested after the law enforcement officer runs a background check on the person.  If the background check shows there is a bench warrant for a failure to appear in court, law enforcement officers may arrest that person.  Forgetting to pay for a speeding ticket can also result in a bench warrant for someones arrest.

What Happens:  If the traffic stop and bench warrant arrest occurred in two different jurisdictions you may be transferred to the city or county where the warrant was issued.

A dog in a striped shirt and hat sitting on the floor.

A Bench Warrant can be the result of a missed court date, unpaid traffic ticket fine, or suspect of a crime.

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