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Georgia Drug Charge Can Suspend Your Driver’s License

DUI Lawyer explains drug charges and license suspension in Georgia

Even if not driving, a Georgia Drug Conviction can result in a Georgia drivers license suspension.


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In an effort to combat illegal drugs, the Georgia legislature has enacted many laws that result in a Georgia license suspension for any drug crime conviction.

1.  No Driving Required: Even if you were not driving during your arrest, a drug charge conviction can result in the suspension of your license.

2: First Offender and Nolo May Help: There are limited circumstances where the suspension may not take effect, such as First Offender on many charges or Conditional Discharge/ No Contest on some marijuana charges.  These special pleas may prevent your license from being suspended.

DUI Lawyer explains drug charges and license suspension in Georgia

In Georgia, a drug charge can result in a driver’s license suspension.

3. Even a Misdemeanor/ Lesser Charge: A suspension can occur for misdemeanor charges and not just felonies. This is also true, even if the charge is reduced down from a felony to a lesser offense such as Possession of a Drug Related Object.


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