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Georgia Conditional Discharge for Marijuana, Underage Consumption, and Underage Possession Of Alcohol Charges

A Georgia Conditional Discharge for marijuana or under 21 alcohol is very similar to a First Offender Plea, but can be better in many respects.

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Georgia Conditional Discharge: Generally reserved for Marijuana Possession of less than one ounce (O.C.G.A. §16-13-2) and Possession of Alcohol by a Minor/ Under Age Possession or Consumption (O.C.G.A. §3-3-23.1), a Conditional Discharge is where a defendant enters a guilty plea, but the judge withholds disposition until a period of probation is completed.  Usually the probation period is 3 to 12 months for Possession of Alcohol by a Minor and 12 months for Marijuana Possession of less than one ounce.  In addition to probation, many judges require Risk Reduction School/ DUI School, 20-40 hours of community service, Drug and Alcohol Evaluation and complete recommendations, and the payment of a fine along with associated costs and fees.

A Georgia Conditional Discharge on a Marijuana arrest and completion of DUI School will save a defendant’s license from suspension in a Marijuana Possession of less than one ounce. Many defendants are surprised to learn that almost all drug offenses in Georgia result in a license suspension, even if not driving.

Many Possession of Alcohol by a Minor/ Under Age Possession or Consumption case do not have an automatic suspension, but if there are concerns a Conditional Discharge might save the defendant’s license.

A Conditional Discharge can only be used once for the offense and requires the judge’s approval.  Additionally, a Conditional Discharge is not eligible for expungement unless the terms specifically provided for expungement. (See O.C.G.A §35-3-37(d)(7).)

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