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Avoiding Bad Businesses: Gainesville Georgia Lawyer Gives Some Ideas to Reduce Risk

Gone are the days where we knew everyone personally that we did business with because they were our neighbor.

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The internet allows us to take care of much of our consumer needs from our home and allows people to easily shop for the best deal or the perfect item.  However, we get calls from people all the time who have been ripped off by someone they did business with on the internet.  Here are a few things from a Hall County Georgia Lawyer that you can do to help protect yourself from getting burned by bad businesses:

1. Google. Do a quick Internet search on that company.  While anyone can put anything they want out on the Internet, reviews can be extremely helpful in deciding with whom to transact business.  There are several reliable consumer advocate websites that provide consumer testimonials; word of mouth is a very powerful and useful tool to gauge the reputation of a business.

2. The company’s website. Almost every company in this day and age should have a website, particularly if they are wanting you to spend money with them. One thing to look for is a physical address on their website. Typically, this will be found under a “Contact Us” tab. If they do not have any information on where they can physically be found, this should be a red flag for doing business with them.

3. Businesses are generally regulated by the Secretary of State in each state.  For example, in Georgia, you can go onto the Georgia Secretary of State and search for companies in Georgia.  When searching on the Secretary of State website, you want to use broad terms.  For example, if you wanted to look up A. Bishop Law, LLC, you may want to try just searching “Bishop” so to minimize missing the actual entry.  You can also search for the officer’s name, such as “Anne Bishop” on the Georgia Secretary of State website will show Anne as being the registered agent for “A. Bishop Law, LLC.”  So if you are on the phone with someone who purports to be the CEO of the company, try searching for that officer’s name on the Secretary of State website.

4. Consider where the company is located.  Chances are, if you have a legal problem with the business, you will have to file suit where they are located. Is this something you would be willing to travel to the state or country where the business is located to file a lawsuit over?

5. Emails from your favorite websites often look legitimate, but fraudulent emails contain links that direct you to sites which only look like the company you expect it to be.  In reality, these shell websites are simply a front in order to obtain your personal information.  The best possible practice to prevent fraud is to physically type the web address into your browser and avoid clicking the link directly from an email.  This method can save you a lot of time and energy if your personal information is actually at risk.

6. For the best consumer protection available when purchasing anything, credit card transactions are the way to go.  Though there are various reputable companies that offer a secure way to make payments online, a credit card company will provide you with the best possible protection.  Most online payment services require the minimum requirement that an account be linked to a checking account.  In that scenario, if there is an issue with the transaction, it may result in not only the loss of the goods you were attempting to purchase, but also the payment as well.

7. Service industry.  Checking references may sound like common sense, but I am surprised at how many people still agree upon terms of service simply because the person “seemed” honest.  It takes a little extra time, but in the long run it is more important to be confident with your decision.  For more great tips, please check out our other article about how to avoid litigation when hiring a builder.

8. Even after taking all the necessary precautions, consumers sometimes find themselves in a a predicament where a service has not been completed, such as in a situation with a handyman service or with a contractor who walks off the job for example.  Companies that do not follow through with their employment agreement are liable for breaching their contract with the customer.  It is so important to document the agreed upon service in writing, every time.

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