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Seat Belt Law in Georgia: In a Truck? Buckle up!

Truck Accident with No Seat Belt Georgia

The driver and front seat occupant in a pickup truck must comply with the Georgia seat belt safety law. This law requires that people in the front seat of a pickup truck wear a seat belt if driven on a public road, street, or highway in Georgia.
Truck Accident with No Seat Belt Georgia

Georgia Law: Seat Belts to Be Worn in Trucks

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Until 2010, people who drove or rode in the front seat of pickup trucks on Georgia roads did not have to wear a seat belt. With the revision of the Georgia seat belt safety law O.C.G.A. § 40-8-76.1,  the definition of a passenger vehicle now includes a pickup truck.  As a result, the driver and front seat passenger are required to wear seat belts. Failing to buckle up can lead to a ticket and a fine.

Although wearing a seat belt may take some time to get used to, it will not only prevent a traffic violation, but may also save your life. Seat belts have been proven to reduce injuries and fatalities in collisions.

Further, a seat belt violation can be the basis for a traffic stop of a vehicle by a law enforcement officer.  Once the officer interacts with the drive, certain facts and circumstances could allow the officer to investigate other crimes such as DUI, drug possession, suspended license, no insurance, etc.

Exceptions to Georgia’s Safety Belt/ Seat Belt law:

Georgia Law has several common sense exceptions to the seat belt law.

Agricultural Pursuits:  Off-road vehicles or pickup trucks being used by an owner, driver, or occupant 18 years of age or older in connection with agricultural pursuits that are usual and normal to the user’s farming operation

Frequent Stops:  A driver or passenger frequently stopping and leaving the vehicle or delivering property from the vehicle, if the speed of the vehicle between stops does not exceed 15 miles per hour

Doctor’s Excuse:  A driver or passenger possessing a written statement from a physician that such person is unable, for medical or physical reasons, to wear a seat safety belt

Agency Exception:  A driver or passenger possessing an official certificate or license endorsement issued by the appropriate agency in another state or country indicating that the driver is unable for medical, physical, or other valid reasons to wear a seat safety belt;

Backing-up:  A driver operating a passenger vehicle in reverse;

Antique Car:  A passenger vehicle with a model year prior to 1965;

Federal Exception:  A passenger vehicle which is not required to be equipped with seat safety belts under federal law;

Rural Letter Carrier:  A passenger vehicle operated by a rural letter carrier of the United States Postal Service while performing duties as a rural letter carrier;

Newspaper Delivery:  A passenger vehicle from which a person is delivering newspapers; or

Emergency Services:  A passenger vehicle performing an emergency service.

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