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Georgia Health Care Directive Power of Attorney

Health Care Power of Attorney Directive in Georgia

We are often asked how to plan for the occurrence of a disabling event or accident and how to make sure loved ones receive the degree of health care they desire. A popular tool for communicating to your doctors and family upon the occurrence of a disabling event is a health care directive.

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 What It Is: Also known as a living will or health care power of attorney, a Georgia Advance Directive for Health Care (ADHC) allows you to: 1) select a health care agent; 2) communicate with your doctors and loved ones if you have a terminal condition or are permanently unconscious; and 3) choose an agent to act on your behalf if a court determines you need a guardian.  Guardians are appointed in the event you become unable to make everyday decisions for yourself.

How to Create One: Creating a health care directive in Georgia can be a time consuming process.  A health care directive is an extensive legal document detailing who and how will help you if you are unable to do so.  The process involves selecting a health care agent and guardian, outlining the types and extent of treatment you want, and defining the amount of power or authority health care agent will have over your treatment.

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Health Care Power of Attorney Directive in Georgia

A Health Care Power of Attorney or Health Care Directive helps a loved one make decisions if you are unable.

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