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Evaluate Collecting a Judgment Before Litigation

Two hands holding a stack of money in front of each other.

Recovering a judgment at the end of a lawsuit is not an open and shut matter. A judgment is a document that must be pursued and collected from the losing party. The likelihood of seeing money needs to be evaluated before litigation begins.

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Paper Judgment: At the end of a lawsuit the prevailing party receives a paper judgment.  The judgment is worth as much as the paper it is printed on unless the other party has assets.  It is a rare case where the losing party has $50,000 in a bank account waiting for the prevailing party to collect it.  Therefore, collecting or recovering cash or other assets can sometimes be a difficult and lengthy process.  In some cases, the party who wins at trial may be unable to recover the judgment for years, if at all.

Is the Judgment Collectible?: Just because you have a lawsuit does not mean you should pursue it.  You should also consider whether the lawsuit is collectible if you are victorious at trial.  If you sue Wal-Mart and win you are likely to recover at least a portion of the judgment.  However, if you sue a small business that does not have many assets you may be stuck with a judgment but no means of collecting on it.   Likewise, most individuals do not have substantial assets sufficient to cover the amount of a judgment if they lose at trial.  As a result, thinking about whether or not you can recover on a judgment is one of many important considerations when deciding to file a lawsuit or not.

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Two hands holding a stack of money in front of each other.

Before filing suit, one must consider the likelihood of collecting on a judgment.

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