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Our Georgia DUI arrest articles and videos are presented by an experienced Georgia DUI lawyer at A. Bishop Law. We understand that being arrested for a DUI in GA can be a very scary and difficult time in a person’s life. We want to minimize that fear by providing information that will not only inform you, but empower you as well. You have rights; even though Georgia drunk driving laws are strict, we can offer information that could potentially help you with your defense.

We invite you to read our articles and view our videos chock full of valuable information, but if for any reason you are facing a DUI charge today, please call your Georgia DUI lawyer because a DUI arrest is a time sensitive matter and action must be taken immediately to satisfy the DUI 10 Day Rule.

Georgia Underage Drinking Laws – Under 21 Alcohol Possession / Underage Consumption of Alcohol / Minor in Possession of Alcohol: Gainesville, GA Criminal Defense Attorney Explains

Underage Alcohol

View More DUI Related Articles & Videos The defendant having beer in his/ her blood or on the breath can be sufficient enough to be found guilty. Even without alcohol being physically present, law enforcement will attempt to determine whether…
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