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DUI in Oakwood

A building with a clock tower and a flag flying.

Hall County Attorney, Anne Bishop, knows Oakwood, Georgia DUI and court procedures and is less than 15 minutes from the courthouse.

If you are arrested for DUI by the Oakwood Police Department, your case will almost certainly be prosecuted in Oakwood Municipal Court by the Oakwood Solicitor.

Even a First DUI Conviction in Oakwood, can result in jail time, license suspension, heavy fines, probation, required alcohol treatment and extensive community service hours. The long term consequences of a drunk driving conviction are serious and include: having a criminal record, dramatic increases in auto insurance rates, potential termination by your current employer, and limited future job prospects.

A building with a clock tower and a flag flying.

DUI in Oakwood, Georgia, is prosecuted in the City of Oakwood Georgia Municipal Court.

Do Not Go It Alone!

Get a Lawyer: Do not represent yourself in this complicated area of law. Please hire a lawyer, whether it is us or someone else.  If you cannot afford a lawyer, please apply for an appointed lawyer. The prosecutor is a skilled and trained professional in DUI prosecution and you likely are not.

Explore Basic Georgia DUI Law: Educate yourself on the basic terms and procedures of DUI Law. If you know some of the basics, you will be able to have a meaningful conversation with potential lawyer. You may want to start here: An Overview of Georgia DUI Procedures and then here: Georgia DUI Article and Video Library.

Review Many Lawyers that Handle Georgia DUI’s: Does the lawyers message fit with your desired representation? Is the lawyer informative or just interested in talking about how great they are? Where is their office located? If their office is in the middle of Atlanta, then, how can they honestly call themselves an “Oakwood DUI Lawyer?” Our office is less than fifteen minutes away from Oakwood Municipal Court.

Check the Content of the DUI Lawyer’s Website: Does the DUI lawyer’s website give you helpful information or want your money ASAP? Does the lawyer take the time to explain and shine light on important DUI issues or is everything an alleged calamity that can only be solved with a payment to that lawyer?

Who Will Be Your Lawyer? If you meet with an “Oakwood DUI Lawyer” in their downtown Atlanta office, ask: Who is actually going to court on my case? Who will be answering my calls and emails? It is interesting when “the face” of the marketing is not actually going to be handling your case, but they “have someone” that can.

Local Knowledge: Our office is in Hall County and less than 15 minutes away from Oakwood Municipal Court. In our opinion, local knowledge is important. We know the tendencies of the prosecutor, law enforcement and the judge.  We can actually find the courthouse without a GPS. We are local to Oakwood.

Lawyers are Like Shoes: Some look great, but just do not feel right. Try a few lawyers on for size! Review their websites.  Email or call them.  Select a few lawyers for a free in person consultation. Whatever you do, please trust your instincts when hiring a lawyer.

DUI Training is Crucial for DUI Defense: DUI cases are usually about whether the officer followed their training during the decision to arrest. In order to properly argue over officer errors in a DUI Case, the attorney must know what to look for.

Anne Bishop is a DUI Lawyer in Hall County, Georgia and welcomes your questions about DUI Law in the State of Georgia. Anne Bishop can be reached by calling 770-783-5296.

An arrest for Driving Under the Influence is overwhelming and being informed of the progress and process can help minimize anxiety. My goal is to keep you informed on your case as we work to provide you with the best possible outcome on your DUI charge. DUI is a serious matter and it requires a serious DUI Defense Lawyer.

Please email or call  770-783-5296 if you have been arrested for DUI.  Your initial consultation is free & confidential.

Areas We Serve: In my experience, local knowledge is crucial to DUI Defense, so I are up front about the areas where I handle cases. To be effective, a DUI Lawyer must be familiar with the court,the judges, and the prosecutors of your DUI case. I believe we can best serve a client with a DUI in Hall County, Flowery Branch, Oakwood, Jackson County, and Helen.

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