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Personal Flotation Device: Georgia Lake Lanier Lawyer Discusses Life Jackets

Personal Floatation Devices are also known as Life Jackets, PFD's, Life Preservers, or Life Savers.

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There are various types of PFD’s and it is very important that the PFD you choose is a Coast Guard approved Georgia life jacket and comfortable enough so that you actually wear it while on the water.

1. Type 1 – This is a very heavy PFD and is typically found out on the ocean, including cruise liners and deep sea fishing.

2. Type 2 – These are your standard life jackets that go over your shoulders and buckle around your torso. These are designed to keep your head above water (“right” you) should you be unconscious.

3. Type 3 – Ski Vests. Type 3 PFD’s will not “right” you if you are unconsicous but allows for a little more movement and freedom than a Type 2.

4. Type 4 – A Throw Device. If someone falls overboard, this would be thrown to them and is commonly referred to as a life saver.

5. Type 5 – A specialized life preserver designed for hunters, hikers, etc. in shallow water.

6. An inflatable – These are to a Type 2 and Type 3, and are low profile pieces of cloth, but when they have a reaction to the pressure of water, they expand to a flotation device.  These inflatables will keep you upright if you become unconscious and are easy to wear because they are not bulky.

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