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Out-of-state Driver Speeding & Traffic Violations in Georgia

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When it comes to traffic violations, out-of-state drivers cannot ignore a Georgia Traffic Ticket. Serious traffic violations committed in Georgia not only affect your license status in Georgia, but also follow you home. The Traffic Attorneys at Breakfield & Associates, Attorneys, are knowledgeable in Georgia Traffic Law and know the legal procedures to help you resolve a Georgia Citation and protect your driving privileges in your home state.

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Out of State drivers may want to consider hiring a local Georgia Attorney, as a traffic ticket conviction in Georgia may affect their license in their home state.

Many out-of-state drivers think that if they can make it back outside of the state, traffic violation will not follow them.  In Georgia, the responsibility for tickets does not stop at the state line.  In fact, no matter which state you are from, it is almost impossible to get a serious ticket out of your home state without your home state knowing.

Georgia, like most states, suspends your driving privileges within the state for not paying a traffic ticket, whether you have a Georgia license or not.  Also, for out-of-state drivers, almost all states have agreed to the Driver License Compact (DLC).  The DLC allows states to notify each other of license suspensions and traffic violations by out-of-state drivers.  While Georgia has not agreed to the DLC, they have agreed to the Non-Resident Violator Compact (NRVC).

Under the NRVC, if you do not pay your traffic ticket, the state where you received the traffic ticket can notify your home state of non-payment, and your home state may suspend your license.  This means that almost all states agree to suspend your driver’s license on Georgia’s behalf.  In addition, some states like Florida, North or South Carolina may place both the violation and the points on your driving record.

Additionally, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration uses the National Driver Register (NDR) to keep track of all drivers with serious traffic violations, suspensions, revocations, cancellations, or denials.  Every state’s DMV checks this registry every time you apply for, or renew a driver’s license, and uses that information to deny driving privileges.

Leaving a traffic ticket unresolved can cause you thousands in fines, fees, courses, and surcharges.  In addition to the cost of the ticket itself, additional fines like DUI surcharges, and Suspension and Revocation Reinstatement fees all add up.  Also having these violations and the points on your record can cause an increase to your car insurance rate.

Having an attorney on your side for any type of case is always a good idea, but having a local Georgia Traffic Attorney at A. Bishop Law is a better idea than you may think.  Some out-of-state drivers think hiring a local attorney may be too expensive.  However, after considering the cost of the fine, or time off work to appear not to mention travel time cost and time, the expense adds up fast.

Many people choose to simply pay the fines, and move on with their lives.  Understanding the consequences of your own state traffic laws and how they affect your driving privileges is something that is important to know before just paying a ticket.  Georgia, for example, has a ‘Super Speeder Law’.  This law is unique to Georgia, so out-of-state attorneys, or attorneys that do not specialize in Georgia traffic violations, may not realize the law’s severity, or even know that it exists.

The Super Speeder Law puts additional $200 fee on any driver convicted of speeding at 75 mph or more on a two-lane road, or at 85 mph or more on any road or highway in the state.  This means that if you, or your out-of-state attorney, are not careful, a decision to just pay the initial fines and fees may cost you an additional $200 several months after you both thought the case was resolved.

Even more, failing to pay the additional fee can put you right back where you started.  If the $200 fee is not paid within 120 days, your license will be suspended, and reinstatement will be an additional $50.  Add this to the fact that non-payment will still be reported under the NRVC, and your license will likely be suspended in your home state.  To compound the problem, since the Super Speeder Law is unique to Georgia, other states may report it on your driving record as a more serious violation like reckless driving.  No matter how they report it, both states will report the suspension to the NDR.  Add this to the additional increases in your car insurance, and this can quickly equal a mess for trying to do the right thing.

The Georgia Traffic Attorney at A. Bishop Law is a local attorney that specializes in Georgia Traffic law.  In most situations we can appear so our out-of-state client does not have to, which saves the client travel time and time lost at work.  We can often negotiate a plea to have the charges reduced in order to avoid court fines, license suspension or Super Speeder fines.   A reduction can also decrease the chances that the violation will be reported to a driver’s home state, saving the out-of-state driver a negative report to their driving record and/or increased insurance rates.

At A. Bishop Law, we work with our out-of-state clients to achieve the best possible result for their Georgia Citation, whether they choose to plea, or go to trial.  Our goal is to resolve the matter as quickly as possible providing our client with the best possible outcome.  We make sure our clients are well informed, fully explaining their options and what to anticipate on their case.

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