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Georgia Traffic Ticket and Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Everyone drives! As a result of driving there will always be traffic citations for speeding, texting, failure to yield, following too close, etc. Our lawyers can help.

Modern traffic enforcement is designed for public safety, but it is also a major source of revenue for many jurisdictions. Almost any traffic ticket not only has direct costs in fines, but the effects of the ticket can also increase insurance rates and, depending on the offense, the type of driver, or the history of the driver, a license suspension could occur.

Our lawyers can advise if a charge reduction or a speed reduction, on a speeding ticket, can be obtained or whether certain plea options are available and favorable to the client. Under certain circumstances, our lawyers may be able to transfer the case to a higher court for potentially more favorable treatment. However, even if a transfer is allowable, it may be better for the client to remain in the lower court.

It seems like every year, that the State of Georgia creates a new law for under 18 and under 21 drivers. For these minor drivers, there is an always changing minefield of automatic suspensions for certain infractions simply because of the driver’s age. Every youthful driver should, at least, consult with a Georgia Traffic Ticket Attorney on any traffic citation they receive.

As with any charge, an accused traffic offender is entitled to a trial where the State of Georgia, municipality or the city, must prove the driver’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt; so if necessary, our lawyers can take the traffic ticket to a trial on the law and the facts of the case.

We understand that sometimes it seems that it would be too expensive to get a Georgia Ticket Lawyer involved in a seemingly minor traffic offense. However, when you add up all the direct and indirect costs, it may make sense to have an attorney involved. Contact us and see if we can help at a reasonable price.

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