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Philosophy of Our North Georgia DUI Lawyers

A wooden table with a statue of justice on top.

As north Georgia DUI lawyers focused on personalized service, our approach to DUI cases is a little bit different.

A wooden table with a statue of justice on top.

Philosophy of Our North Georgia DUI Lawyers. If you have been charged with a Georgia DUI we can help. Please call A. Bishop Law 770-783-5296.

We understand that not everyone wants or can afford a $10,000 (or more) jury trial. Nor is every case suitable for a jury trial. While we are willing to take a client’s case to trial, we also want our clients to understand the repercussions of such a decision. Instead, we prefer to take a gradual approach based on four levels.

  • Level One, Hand Holding: If you’re just looking for a Georgia DUI attorney to go to court to speak on your behalf, we provide that option. However, we highly recommend against it because, as trained North Georgia DUI attorneys, we don’t know what potential errors the police may have made if you simply plead guilty.
  • Level Two, Investigation: At this level, your North Georgia DUI lawyer will communicate with the prosecutor and obtain police reports, review any audio or video that may exist and investigate the evidence. If the facts and/or law of the case are favorable to you, we meet with the prosecutor in an effort to get the DUI charge reduced.
  • Level Three, Motions: If the evidence shows possible holes in the government’s case, we can file legal motions asking the judge to exclude certain evidence, like Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) tests, or throw the entire case out of court. After the motions are filed, your North Georgia DUI lawyer would conduct an evidentiary hearing to review the acts of the officer regarding the legal basis for the stop of the vehicle, the field sobriety tests performed, blood test procedures and advisement’s, and more.
  • Level Four, Trial: In Georgia, every client has a right to a trial by a jury of six people (twelve for felonies). If your DUI case goes to trial, it is vital that your Georgia DUI lawyer know the case better than anyone else in the courtroom. Keep in mind that the prosecutor could have picked up the file for the first time on the day of trial and the officer could have had hundreds of arrests between your arrest and trial. The judge and the jury members are neutral parties and only know what is presented to them by the lawyers. At our firm, our Georgia DUI lawyers know your case.  We have designed a logical Theory of the Case backing up the request to the jury of a Not Guilty verdict. If convicted, we can discuss and implement appeal options to try to overturn any errors of law that the judge may have made.

Whatever path you choose, know that we fight for our clients. It is extremely important to meet with a North Georgia DUI lawyer for a Free Consultation immediately upon release from jail. One item you will need to address is the Ten Day Letter.

If the client refused the State Administered Test (breathalyzer at the police station or blood test at the hospital) or was over .08 on the State Administered Test, then the officer can file a Notice of Intent to Suspend the Driver’s License (Form 1205). The officer has to provide the driver with a notebook size piece of paper (usually yellow) that informs the driver that his or her license will be suspended within 30 days. However, action must be taken within Ten Days to appeal the officer’s decision.  If the driver does not appeal the 10 Day Notice, then after 30 days, the license will be suspended.

Please email us or call us at 770-783-5296 if you have been arrested for DUI.  Your initial consultation is free & confidential.

Areas We Serve: In our experience, local knowledge is crucial to DUI Defense, so we are up front about the areas where we handle cases. To be effective, a DUI Lawyer must be familiar with the court,the judges, and the prosecutors of your DUI case. We believe we can best serve a client with a DUI in Hall County, Flowery Branch, Oakwood, Jackson County, and Helen. We have been there before and know what we are doing.

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