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25 Sex Toys So Popular, Amazon Can Barely Keep Them in Stock

If you’ve never thought about buying sex toys on Amazon, you’re not alone. For too long, these bedroom accessories have been relegated to the seedy corners of specialty stores and the Internet, making it difficult to purchase them from the comfort of your own home. But with the implementation of its own sex store, Amazon has become the go-to place for beginners and professionals alike to pick up their new favorite toys. And some of these accessories have gained major popularity-so much so that they’ve received thousands of five-star reviews and are often found to be out of stock.
And it’s not just your sex toy classics that are flying off the digital shelves. The compact pocket vagina, dildo holder and plug-in butt plug are all Amazon bestsellers. The site is also an amazing place to research the toys you’ve been interested in buying, as the reviews section is filled with people’s unfiltered opinions. Seriously – if you want to hear a story about how a vibrator can make someone come so hard it flies out of their vagina, you can. (Its the Paloqueth Bunny Vibrator on this list, FYI.)

And now, scroll down to the store for the 25 most popular sex toys on Amazon right now. But don’t sleep on them! These purchases are such crowd-pleasers that they’ll probably sell out if you don’t click ‘add to cart’ immediately.
Tracy’s Dog Clitoral Suck Vibrator
The Tracy’s Dog Clitoral Suck Vibrator is one of the most popular sex toys on Amazon. It stimulates your G-spot and clitoris simultaneously by simulating oral and penetrative sex. With 10 different vibration patterns, this buzzer offers a hands-free way to explore hybrid orgasms – what could be better?
Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Stimulator
While the Satisfyer Pro 2, another cult favorite and best seller (on Amazon and offline) may feel like the best oral you’ve ever had, it doesn’t actually suck on your clitoris. Instead, it uses non-touch technology to provide a pulsating sensation to your clitoris, making it feel like a mouth that drives you crazy. And customers can’t help but share their love for it.” I cried because it changed my life,” was how one person captioned their review.
PALOQUETH G-spot Rabbit Male Masterbator Vibrator
Not only is this the highest rated rabbit vibrator on Amazon, but it’s also popular outside of Amazon. This classic sex toy from sex toy experts Paloqueth has over 2,500 five-star reviews thanks to its ergonomic design, varied vibration patterns, and cute, clit-licking rabbit. It’s also waterproof; many customers like to use it in the shower or bath.
Tracy’s Dog Pocket Pussy
When buying a pocket pussy, why choose anything other than a classic? This Tracy’s Dog masturbation cup is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. It’s 3-D textured interior allows for different sensations when you insert it deep or shallow, just like a human vagina. It’s also easy to take apart and clean up.
PHANXY Silicone Double Penis Ring
Think there’s not much variety in cock rings? Not so with this double ring design. It has two flexible rings, one of which is thicker than the other, that wrap around the shaft of the penis and testicles in different ways. When wrapped around the penis, the ring helps restrict blood flow, which helps the penis person stay harder for longer. And when it is wrapped around the testicles? It just feels amazing, and that’s reason enough to try it.
Adorime Rabbit Waterproof Vibrator
Want a sex toy that buzzes around your ass and your partner’s penis (if they have one) while they penetrate your vagina? Yes, this three-pronged toy can do just that. But that’s not all it can do. It can also wrap around your nipples, your clitoris, or a pair of testicles. You can use it to stimulate any part of your body, and its versatile design, three motors, and seven vibration modes ensure that it’s a versatile toy you’ll love to try.
LUXELUV Bendable Vibrator
While there are plenty of vibrators on the market with bells and whistles, many Amazon shoppers only want a minimal, streamlined design – and that’s where this toy comes in. It’s waterproof, bendable, and comes with nine different vibration patterns that customers love. It even has a rare 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon, plus best-selling status.
PALOQUETH super soft dildo.
If you’re afraid that all dildos are big, scary toys, then you haven’t tried the PALOQUETH super soft dildo. It’s the perfect size for those who have no experience with dildos – or for those who just prefer a more normal sized toy. Customers especially like its realistic details, including the realistic texture and realistic tip. Meanwhile, the suction cup base means you can ride it and simply insert it into any smooth surface. Finally, this dildo comes with a small bottle of lube.